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Sexuality and eroticism are frequently thought of as lewd mentalities - things to be ashamed of enjoying, and not to be discussed freely. It was engrained in many of us since childhood that sex should be treated with reservation, secrecy, and modesty. We can so easily fall into the mentalities of the masses around us, denying our sexual interests and curiosities for fear of rejection or shame. 

The exploration of nudity and eroticism can be wildly freeing and wonderfully enlightening. When one has the ability to see their body captured in a moment of sensuality, they can start to understand their own sexuality in a way that frees their insecurities and encourages confidence. Erotic photo shoots can be truly therapeutic and offer deep moments of insight and self-discovery. 




An erotic photo session is a uniquely exciting experience, combining aspects of modeling with unapologetic sexuality. Shoots are highly sexual in energy, but professional in experience. I will help to guide you through the process, offering direction for body language and facial expressions that will provide captivating imagery. The intention is to capture organic moments of sensuality, focusing all of the sexual energy of the session into the images themselves.



Ashton Jay is a renowned LA-based portrait and editorial photographer, specializing in nude male and erotic photography. His warm, calming energy on set helps to provide a safe space for people to really relax, so that they can feel comfortable enough to truly enjoy the experience. 



“A photo session with Ashton Jay is a liberating, therapeutic experience. You trust him with your most intimate moments, and in return, he allows you to see them through his artist’s eye. He is ahead of his time in using photography as a form of interpersonal and self-exploration.”




“At first, I was concerned that being photographed in erotic situations would feel crass, pornographic, or even exploitative. But a photo shoot with Ashton was somehow the opposite of that. It was all at once a discreet, professional experience and a pure, freeing form of expression.”




“Adept at lighting and composition, attuned to the essential personalities of his subjects, and unobtrusive in his presence, Ashton has a gift for capturing extraordinary images. He can show you yourself as you have never seen yourself before.”


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